Stiga Mantra M

1.070.000 920.000

  • Kiểm soát: 77
  • Tốc độ: 155
  • Độ xoáy: 132
  • Độ cứng: MEDIUM
Mua hàng nhanh

Thông tin

The new STIGA Mantra is developed with the latest Japanese rubber technology and offers the perfect balance of synthetic and natural rubber. This new rubber mixture creates a tension between the surface and the sponge resulting in an incredible catapult effect. Microscopic air bubbles in the sponge (Oxygen Capsule System) provide great speed with a stable and consistent hit and touch. This rubber is perfect for players who require the highest in rubber quality and performance. Mantra is suitable for all types of players, with sponge variation ranging from soft to hard. – The medium sponge creates a high speed rubber with great hitting power – High speed and feeling from mid distance – Gives players the upper hand in spin-spin rallies – Produces extreme spin in serves when desired

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